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EDI Driver's Education 

"Providing Peace of Mind to Families Year after Year"

The Experts in Driver's Education!  EDI was built on the foundation of being the best educator for drivers of all ages.  The Founder, Adam Newbloom (M.B.A.) is a Former Law Enforcement Officer who has seen countless accidents resulting from untrained, distracted drivers.   Adam designed a program from the ground up to exceed state standards and provide Teen & Adult Learners with the best training.  


We cover Rochester and most of SE Minnesota & the Coulee Region of Wisconsin.  Let our Knowledgeable, Patient and Friendly Instructors help make you a Road Leader!    


EDI has won multiple awards over the years for our dedication to our communities!  Please contact us with any questions.  

Residents Click Here
Residents Click Here

For Driver's Education Options, click on your State below to access Registration & Schedules.

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EDI provides training in many areas as our Mission is "Safer Roads through Education"

Driver's Education

Our In-class training provides teens with a very familiar (yet fun)  learning enviroment. 


All material is presented in a Fun/Engaging Presentation that is Modern and Exciting. 

If your Teen thrives in this setting and prefers learning amongst fellow students this is a great way to go!   

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Self-Guided Online
Driver's Education

This Online Course is unlike any other available.  EDI has spent countless hours designing an Online Program that reflects the same passion and learning format as our Award Winning In-Class Driver's Ed Program.  

Students can get the same quality education EDI has always provided, now in the comfort of their home and on their time schedule.  

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Online  Parent Course
"Building a Parent Instructor"

This Course Prepares Parents to build Exceptional Teen Drivers!

We see it often, the most skilled Teen Drivers come from Parents who are knowledgeable and committed to this process.  This 1.5 hours Online Course will prepare you for the challenges ahead. Taught by EDI Founder, Adam Newbloom (M.B.A) Former Deputy Sheriff. 

Meets MN State Guidelines for a reduction in total training time with Teens (From 50 to 40 hours).

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Adult Driver's Education
Online & Road Training

Our program is the preferred choice for Adults who are motivated learn and develop the skills needed to become their best.  We are not just teaching you how to pass the State Road Test, we are educating you to become the most observant, safest, and smartest driver you can be.  

From our New Self-Guided 3-hour Online Course (to our amazing Driving Instructors, EDI is the best in the industry, and we want you to become your best.  Must be able to speak and understand English and be ready to learn to be a safe driver.  We are here to help!

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Driving Assessements
Medial or Family Concens

As we age, it is normal for our driving abilities to be reduced asd well as after a medical issue. Unfortunately drivers themselves often are not aware of these changes whereas family members are. 

Our goal is to help  families make the best decision when it comes to keeping their loved ones and other road users safe.  Our evaluators are patient and compassionate, being well aware of your family concerns. 

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This course covers all aspects needed to become a safer & more confident Winter Driver in an easy-to-understand Online Course.  

Designed & Instructed by Adam Newbloom (M.B.A.), Founder of the Enhanced Driving Institute and Former Deputy Sheriff.

Save up to $150 p/year on your Auto Insurance Policy.

Online Course or DVD
"The Winter Driver"
EDI Corporate Training for your Staff

EDI works with companies to help build safer Drivers.  Through one-on-one training or group training we can lower your liability of drivers.   

This type of training can also lower your liability insurance coverage.  

Contact  for more details

Corporate Training for Your Driving Staff will Help

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