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The Birthplace of EDI - Rochester, MN  2009. 

EDI has grown tremendously since 2009 as the demand for the quality education we provide grew.    Every student that goes through this program is given quality education to prepare them for the "learning to drive" process and on to independent driving.  

Back in 2015 - EDI crossed State Lines

As our reputation grew throughout SE MN word of mouth spread across the mississippi.  We began getting requests for training in LaCrosse and soon we could not meet the demand without starting a school in Wisconsin.  From there, Travis took the school to Holmen, Tohma and Arcadia as well.  

Video Message from the Founder of EDI

Driver's Education

An impression comes to mind for most of us when we think of "Driver's Education" ---  Boring Classes, Out-dated Videos and Less than enthusiastic Instructors.  :( 

Then came EDI...

" I built EDI from the ground up in 2009 to exceed state standards and provide the level of education and training that I want for my own children.  We have since become the top driving school in SE Minnesota.  


As a former Law Enforcement Officer, an M.B.A. and a father to some amazing little people, I know what is important to both parents and fellow road users. Accidents are the leading cause of death in teenagers. The road you and your Teen share is becoming more congested while less attention is being given to the task at hand, responsible driving.  


At EDI we not only prepare students how to safely operate a vehicle, we prepare them how to predict and avoid the mistakes of other drivers as that is the key to their road success.  The window of opportunity to build a solid foundation of safe driving is small.  You just made the first step in lowering their risk, welcome to EDI."

Adam Newbloom (M.B.A.) - Owner & Founder

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