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Unlike the state road examination, IDA provides a much more detailed driving assessment in a comfortable learning environment that will not affect your current license status.  The assessment is done by a patient, friendly certified driving evaluator who understands your situation and is there to help.  Our evaluations are thorough and can be used for insurance discounts, doctor recommendations, employee evaluations or to help families make the best decisions with regards to their loved ones driving a motor vehicle.   We care about you and your road safety!


Make an appointment today by clicking on the link below or call 507-993-0325   


Age or Family Concerns

As we age, it is normal for our driving abilities to be reduced due to many factors that are out of our control. Unfortunately driver's themselves often are not aware of these issues whereas family members are.  Our goal is to help  families make the best decision when it comes to keeping their loved ones safe.  Our evaluators are patient and compassionate, being well aware of your family concerns. 

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Injury / Medical Concerns

Physical impairment, injury or diminished abilities due to age or illness can have a dramatic influence on our ability to process and respond to the demands of driving.  Though some medical conditions will heal, it is important for your current skill level to be assessed to minimize or eliminate your liability or risk behind the wheel. 

Many doctors will recommend a driving assessment to assist in their overall decision with regards to your ability to drive a car safely. 

Employee Evaluations

Your business demands a positive image within the community.  Meaning when a vehicle with your Name, Logo or Sign is on the road they are a representation of your business.  It has been proven time and time again that poor driving skills, behavior as well as safety concerns create a negative image among other drivers which WILL impact future business.   


Make sure your drivers are impacting your future customers the right way!   Contact us for multiple staff pricing options. 

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