Corporate Drivers Training

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Corporate training program
Package 1 - "The Expert Driver"   
We provide our "The Expert Driver" training course on an annual basis, which also includes a bi-monthly Safety Newsletter to distribute to all drivers.    This contains simple tips, reminders and often video to help retain the importance of being a defensive driver.  This newsletter is open to distribution to all company staff.
We highly recommend you take our online Focused Driver course before starting lessons with EDI.  This will help you better prepare for your lesson and allow EDI to get more out of your time with us.  
Package 2  - Monitor Corporate Vehicles  
Includes Package 1 as well as the installation of a simple device that plugs into the OBD2 slot (all cars have this - under dash and out of sight) that will monitor driving behavior (excessive braking, acceleration, speed and hard maneuvers).  This will help us track higher risk drivers and direct training to them specifically to help lower company liability.  We can flag potential issues before they become a larger issue.   We provide all monitoring and training initiatives as needed.  
We highly recommend you take our online Focused Driver course before starting lessons with EDI.  This will help you better prepare for your lesson and allow EDI to get more out of your time with us.  
Package 3 - In Car Dash Cam
Includes Package 1 & 2 as well as a camera installed in each company vehicle.  While this typically is utilized more by company vehicles that are ONLY being used for work related tasks, it has been shown time and time again that knowing a camera is being used in the vehicle the driver is 50% more likely to avoid distracted related behavior.   The camera has a micro SD card that we would review at certain intervals and offer the driver constructive feedback based off the results.  We provide all monitoring and training initiatives as needed.    
Other EDI Tools to help
skill development
Can be purchased at time of Registration or anytime afterwards.  
The Award Winning
EDI's - The Winter Driver
DVD - $35.00
free shipping
Road Test Prep
1-hour  - $60.00
Magnet Bumper Sticker $15.00
free shipping
EDI Lease Car for 
Road Test
(includes 45 min practice before test - free pickup and drop off)
1) How soon can I get my training done?

We recommend spacing driving lessons out at least a couple weeks so you have time to practice the techniques we worked on during your lesson.   If you are in need to getting your training completed faster, that is a possibility depending on how flexible your schedule is.  Our schedule is typically booked out 1-2 weeks, so you will need to plan ahead with regard to when you want to get started.  

2) How much training do I need?

Most people under estimate the training time they will need to become a proficient driver (and pass their road test).  If you are not sure, I would start with a 2-hour driving lesson and talk with the instructor about it afterwards. His/Her assessment should help you decide how to move forward. 

3. Can I do 1-hour lessons instead of 2 hour lessons?

Though our system is set up for 2-hour lessons, we do allow 1-hour sessions at a rate of $60 per hour.  All signup will be the same, you will just need to contact us with your availability so we can fit you in.  

4.  Do I need to take the classroom session?

We highly recommend taking the classroom training as well as the road training if you are just getting started with driving.  Driving is not just being able to operate a car, it's being able to understand the rules, signs and the responsibilities that come with driving.   Many adults will skip the classroom training because its not required, however the process of learning takes them far longer then those students who attend both.


5.  Why a pickup and drop off fee?  

Our lessons are two hours in duration.  When the instructor has to come to you and drop you off it turns into a 2.5 hour lesson.  The additional time and miles on the car are offset with the added pickup/drop-off fee.   This is paid at the time of the lesson.  

6.  What do I need to have to do a driving lessons? 

At the minimum you must have a permit or drive'rs license.  If you are just doing one lesson (a refresher to prepare for MN road test) we will accept a permit or license from out of state/country.  However if you are planning to do more than one lesson you are required to get a MN permit (take a written test).  MN law requires you to have a MN permit for us to provide training. 

6.  How to schedule lessons after registration and payment is done?

You should have received a username and password.  Click on the Student Login button at the top of the screen and follow the steps to log in.  

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