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3334 19th St NW - Suite 202, Rochester, MN 55901   (507) 993-2708

​Copyright 2008, Enhanced Driving Institute is State Licensed and Bonded

Hummm... not sure how to get started?  Watch the Tutorial
video to the right. 

1)   Look over the packages below and choose the one you would like to register for.  If you are only in need of the road training (no classroom) scroll below for the registration options.  

2)   Click Register button (new screen opens) and select that package. 

3)   Fill out information (make sure email is a valid email that is checked frequently as all info is sent there)

4)   Choose Pay Now (Full Payment) or Pay Later.  If you choose to pay later, please submit a deposit ($100) within 5 days to hold your seat.  If a          registration needs to be changed or cancelled please email me asap so we can open your seat to another student.  

              (If you are registering for a behind-the-wheel package, you will not be able to schedule lessons until full payment is received) 

5)   Click submit and you have now registered!  Once your account is activated you will get an email from us.  You can make payments via              

       our "make a payment" page under the MORE tab above.  You can also mail payment or drop off at our office.


"Two out of every three EDI students were referred to us by a satisfied family"

Complete Package :  $395   - before defaulting to this package please consider larger driving packages below. The more time 

                                                                                                        EDI spends with your teen the better driver they will become!  Guaranteed!!


This is the most common choice for teens in need of driver's education.  Provides all state required training hours - plus more.  This package includes:
  • Required 30 hours of classroom instruction.
  • 6-hours of behind-the-wheel training.  
  • EDI New Driver Handbook (guide for teens and parents).
  • Online Account for ease of scheduling lessons.
  • The most patient, knowledgable and encouraging instructors in the business. 
Like all driver's ed programs, parents time and effort in the training process plays a significant role in the success of a new driver.  If you would like EDI to take on some of that time and effort, see package options below.  Otherwise click on the yellow registration tab. 

Want your Teen to spend more time with an EDI certified driving instructor?  

OPTIONAL:  Complete Package + 6 Additional Training Hours :  $595

This package is an upgrade to the Complete Package and provides an additional 6 hours of behind the wheel training (12 total hours behind the wheel).  This will give your teen more time with our professional driving instructors to further fine tune their driving skills.   note:  this training provides your teen with 6 hours toward their driving log that you will submit to the state.  This cuts your required 40 hours down to 34!  Let EDI take some of the training time from your busy schedule.  

OPTIONAL :  Complete Package + 12 Additional Training Hours :  $795

This is the ultimate driver's ed package which provides your teen with 30 hours of classroom instruction and 18 hours with our professional driving instructors. note:  this also provides your teen with 12 hours toward their driving log that you will submit to the state.  This cuts your required 40 hours down to 28!  Let EDI take some of the training time from your busy schedule.  

TOTAL PACKAGE -  Let EDI do it ALL for you!  $2499

By request, we now offer a package that will provide your teen with ALL state required training.  This was designed for the parent who does not have the time and/or ability to make sure their teen is getting the necessary experience and training behind-the-wheel.  This package includes all requried training by the State of MN plus a few perks:


  • 30 hours of classroom instruction with EDI.

  • 40 hours of road training - 2- hour of road training per week for 20 weeks with a certified driving instructor.  (15 hours at night) – free pickup and drop off if needed.

  • Six hours of required driving hours with a certified driving instructor.

  • Completion of all logs and paperwork required by the state of MN.

  • "The Winter Driver" dvd training package.

  • Use of our training car for the state road test.


At EDI we want every student to have the best training available.  This package will simplify the process for your family while giving your teen consistent/top quality training from day one.  Let our instructors take on the job of teaching them to drive so you can focus on the rest. 

Please contact EDI via email with questions or to enroll in the Total Package.  adam@enhanceddrivinginstitute.com

Classroom Only : $230

This includes the 30 hours of classroom instruction  only.  This should be the choice for any teen taking the class who will not be 15 within three months of completing the classroom course.  The behind-the-wheel training can be added after they turn 15.​  Remember you cannot test for your permit until you turn 15, but you can take the class at 14 years of age. 

Just need Road Training?  See below for options and registration. 

If you already have an account with EDI, please just submit payment for the additional training you would like so you can retain the same username and password.  Email me with questions. 

Six Hours of Behind-the-Wheel Training : $240

This is package is designed for both teens and adults requiring road training and includes three 2-hour driving lessons.  This package will meet the requirements for teens under 18 who have a permit and wish to take their road test.  

One 2-hour Driving Lesson : $80

This is just one driving lesson designed to build skill in specific areas, offer a general assessment on overall driving skill and/or an opportunity to see if further training is needed.  

Road Test Prep : $60

This is a one hour driving lesson where students are tested on all key aspects of driving.  This assessment is far more thorough then the State Road Test and should give you an accurate picture of your current driving skills.  

Lease EDI car for Road Test : $100

You have trained in the EDI Honda Civic, why not take your Road Test in our car. This package provides you with home pick up and drop off, 1-hour of training prior to the exam and use of our car during the road test. Take your test with confidence!

The Winter Driver DVD (EDI BUILT)  - $35

This course is the most in-depth winter drivers training you can get.  All topics are covered: preparation, safety kit, vehicle technology (ABS, Traction Control), loss of control and exercises to help build skill and understanding to correct loss of control.  A two hour online course that is guaranteed to increase your confidence when the road surface becomes hazardous.   - Save on Insurance!!!

Printable Registration

Copy of Program Agreement

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