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Online Driver's ed.

Minnesota has approved a Variance for Online Driver's Education through the end of 2021.  This means we are able to accommodate both in-class students as well as those looking to do our program online.  All classes offered in Rochester will be offered in-Class as well as online (open to ANY students - Rochester as well as surrounding areas).  

Make Up Class Options Available if the Full Session Does not work with your schedule. 

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9-2021 Rochester
10-2021 Rochester
11-2021 Rochester
12-2021 Rochester

CURRENT Online EDI Driver's Training Pre-Class Information

Sept 2021  - This registration will work for all sessions. 

Start Date: Sep 12, 2021 01:00 PM 


Register in advance for this meeting:


PRE-CLASS Responsibilities:  

    1) Make sure you have a deposit (or full payment) paid before class beings so you are able to gain access to the class. Payment Link or drop payment off at our Office (we have a drop box out front).


    2)  Our New Driver Handbook can be picked up at our Rochester Office during office hours.  M-F  8:00am to 2:00pm.   Please stop by during those time to get your handbook and drop off payment if needed.  I have included the After Class Task sheet which can be printed off.  This is all that is needed by the students during the classroom training.  If you are not in Rochester, we'll make arrangements at class end to get handbooks.  


I have also included the attachment of our Program Agreement and Student/Parent Letter.  Please read over these and print/sign as we will need the hard copy (please do not scan and email) of the program agreement mailed or dropped off to us. 



Email Janet@EnhancedDrivingInstitute.com to find out office hours for alternate pickup.


    3)  Pre-Register for the class and test your computer ahead of time to make sure you have working video and audio.  This way you are prepared for class without hiccups.  Also, for all classes, please be signed in and ready 10 minutes before class starts as we have to manually check in each student.  



ONLINE CLASS BASICS:  This class is a privilege to take and we ask that Students come as prepared as they would for an in-class course.  You will be called on randomly as the expectation is that you are paying attention.  We will have a 2nd Instructor signed in and assisting with chat questions, randomly quizzing students through chat as well as reviewing cameras to make sure students are paying attention.  You will receive a warning if you are distracted during class, do not participate in the chat or not in video. The 2nd time you will be removed from the class and will have to complete in an "In-Class" session.  $100 deposit will be lost if  a new class has to be scheduled.  



PARENT SESSION - The Most Important Component to Success 

Lesson 10 is the student's last day with us.  The Parent Session will be sent to you in a link to view as a family.  This is a very important component to our program.  More details will follow. 

Other EDI Tools to help
skill development
Can be purchased at time of Registration or anytime afterwards.  
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The Award Winning
EDI's - The Winter Driver
DVD - $35.00
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Magnet Bumper Sticker $15.00
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Road Test Prep
1-hour  - $70.00
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EDI Lease Car for 
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