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3334 19th St NW - Suite 202, Rochester, MN 55901   (507) 993-2708

​Copyright 2008, Enhanced Driving Institute is State Licensed and Bonded

EDI - La Crescent - Hokah

EDI has been providing behind the wheel training for 
La Crescent Hokah School for the last 2 years.  We are excited to now be able to offer our full program to students starting fall 2019!  Driver's Ed classes will be held in room 186.  
EDI is unique in many ways, and with that comes a more immersed experience for both teens and their parents.  We are excited to bring our program to you and you will see the difference from day #1.  
Registering is a simple task.  See below the options, once you have determined what works best for your schedule, click the Register button to get signed up.  Please see FAQ under the calendar for the most common scheduling questions.  If you have any further questions please use the Contact link at the top.  Thank you for choosing EDI!

MN Drivers


Winter Driver


Base Package :  $380

This package meets the minimum state requirements of driver's education.  This package includes the required 30 hours of classroom instruction as well as the 6-hours of behind-the-wheel training all students under the age of 18 are required to complete. Please read over our program agreement so you are aware of specifics to this package. 

OPTIONAL:  Complete Package + 6 Additional Training Hours :  $595

This package is an upgrade to the Complete Package and provides an additional 6 hours of behind the wheel training (12 total hours behind the wheel).  This will give your teen more time with our professional driving instructors to further fine tune their driving skills.   
Further benefit: this training provides your teen with 6 hours toward their driving log that you will submit to the state.  This cuts your required 50 hours down to 44!  Let EDI take some of the training time from your busy schedule.  

OPTIONAL :  Complete Package + 12 Additional Training Hours :  $795

This is the ultimate driver's ed package which provides your teen with 30 hours of classroom instruction and 18 hours with our professional driving instructors. 
Further benefit: this training provides your teen with 12 hours toward their driving log that you will submit to the state.  This cuts your required 50 hours down to 38!  Let EDI take some of the training time from your busy schedule.  

Classroom Only : $230

This includes the 30 hours of classroom instruction  only.  This should be the choice for any teen taking the class who will not be 15 within three months of completing the classroom course.  Note:  You cannot get your blue card (which allows you to take your permit test) until you are enrolled in a behind-the-wheel program.  So when your teen turns 15, you will submit payment for the behind-the-wheel training and your blue card will be mailed out.

Behind the Wheel - 6 hours : $240   

This is package is designed for both teens and adults requiring road training and includes three 2-hour driving lessons.  This package will meet the requirements for teens under 18 who have a permit and wish to take their road test.   Students who have attended EDI classroom course, are discounted $20 from this package.  If you already have an account with us, please do not register for this training.  We only need payment to get you set up. 

Class Schedule

   We ask all parents to attend the final half of lesson 10 to bring you up to speed on how our program works and what your responsibility is.   If you don't see a future schedule, it means we haven't defined the dates yet.  If La Crescent Classes do not work, check out our Winona Schedule.   See below calendar for FAQ .
EDI  Offers Driver's Ed in La Crescent Fall, Spring, and two Summer Courses
2019/2020 School Year is Open




1) How do I know if the class I want still has openings?

During the school year it is rare for a class to fill up.  However summer sessions will fill up.  To check on availability go to the registration page to sign up for the package you would like.   If you can register for a class, there is still room in the class.  If the class is not listed, it means all seats are full. 

2)  I am not able to make it to all the classroom sessions.  Can I still sign up?

We can come up with some make up solutions, however there is an added cost for this.  Please contact us direction for more information. 


  • 3. I'm not 15 yet, can I still take the classes?
  • MN State Law says you must be at least 14 to begin driver's ed.  Though we prefer you to be as close to 15 as possible to avoid large gaps in education to application, we do allow signups for teens as early as 14.5.  If you will not be 15 within 2 months of completing the classroom, you should be signing up for the classroom only option.  

  • After turning 15 and beginning your training you will then enroll in the 6-hour BTW package.  Our complete package requires all students to complete our program in 10 months, which would be a problem for students who are not 15 (or close to) when the classroom begins.  


  • 4.  What if I cannot attend the Parent Session?
  • This is very important part of our program as we need parents to be on the same page as EDI during this vital year of training.  However we understand that work or other conflicts can get in the way.  We do not require parents to attend, though we ask them to make the commitment in their teens road safety by attending.  Your attendance also provides you with a certificate that you can submit to the state of Minnesota to reduce the required training hours from 50 to 40 with your teen.  Starting Jan 1, 2015 teens will have to submit a detailed state driving log which shows a minium of 40 hours with parents (along with a certificate from parents showing their attendance of a parent session) or a minimum of 50 hours for those parents who did not attend a parent session.   

  • We have over a 95% turnout in every class!  If you are not able to attend, you can attend an alternate session or we ask the students relay the information to you as your role as a Parent Driving Instructor will have more influence on their success then anything we can do as a driving school.