State Driver's exam!

Road Leadership is coming

Rochester Test Center
1633 N. Broadway
(Northbrook Shopping Center)
Rochester, MN 55901
M-F  8:00am to 4:00pm

The state road test can be a bit intimidating even for the most experienced driver.  We want to help you feel more comfortable so your Skill are evaluated without your nerves getting in the way. 

First and foremost, be prepared!  Here is what is needed the day of your road test. 

  • Be 16 years old

  • Bring your white card, your valid instruction permit & driving log showing a min of 50 hours of training (15 at night). 

  • Supplemental Parent Class needed if less than 50 hours logged (NOTE: this IS NOT the parent class you attended at the end of your Teen's classroom training) this is a separate course which must be attended prior to taking the test. Please Click Here for more information on cost and options.   

  • You must have held your instruction permit for the last 6-months (minimum) without conviction for a moving violation or alcohol/controlled substance violation.

  • Parent or Guardian must sign application.

  • Have vehicle in safe working condition including all lights, signals and gauges and controls. 

  • Have valid proof of insurance for vehicle.

What do you need to know for your State Road Test! 

Don't forget about our Road Test prep and lease option.  A 1-hour lesson to help you build confidence and readiness for the State Road Test and/or use our car for your test!
Road Test Prep - $70 
EDI Car for Test - $120

Going in to your Exam - What is expected  - watch this video to be prepared! 

Example White Card filled out

Full Students Name

Date Completed             Permit number

Must be signed by Instructor


MUST BE SIGNED by Student!


EDI Parking Stations

Our exceptional training extends to our Parking Area that we set up for our students to build their skills while riding with parents.  While preparing for your state exam, look at the difference between our well marked parking station vs the state exam set up.  Be prepared to have less cone visibility. 


Right by Service Master of Rochester.  

4521 Hwy 14 West, Rochester MN 55901.  

Open 24/7  Please pick cones up if knocked down and Yield to all EDI training cars as we are on a schedule. 

Rochester exam

parking set up

Parallel Parking Exam
90 degree Rev
Park Exam


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