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A true self defense course not only shows a person how to defend themselves physically, but prepares them mentally as well.  A self defense class should focus on basic skills to assist in skill retention as well as skill development.  Furthermore, it should educate!   As I strongly believe that building awareness and making smart choices has more value in lowering your risk then being able to elbow someone across the face.  Nonetheless the truth is that smart decision making skills as well as being able to break free from holds, react to threats with assertion and have the confidence to do whatever it takes to protect yourself or your loved ones will lower your risk to almost zero!

Many people compare self defense to martial arts and I'd like to clarify the difference.  The reason "art" is part of martial arts is because much of technique relies on predictable opponent reaction.  You are both fighting with the same expectation from the other.  When it comes to being attacked, bullied or assaulted there are no rules, there is not referee and there most definitely will be a loser.   Self defense is not about pride, trophies or rank.  It's about protecting yourself from someone who wants to hurt you. 

When I talk about threats, most people think that the danger lies in dark alleys and strangers popping out of a van.  The truth is you are far more likely to be "attacked" by someone you know.  Non-stranger assaults account for over 80% of reported assaults.  Teens and Adults can become victims with the use of manipulation, isolation and drugs or alcohol to lower inhibitions.   When you trust someone, they have far more options to take advantage of that trust.  It is here where our training begins as we tackle the importance of identifying non-stranger threats.  

From there, we move on to a board array of topics including:

1) Enhanced awareness of surroundings and threatening situations.
2) De-esclating measures as well as assertive reaction to a potential threat.
3) Escape from 5 most common holds used by an assailant. 
4) Action and reaction and staying calm under pressure
5) Sensitive striking points (not just the groin, we have over 20)
6) Use of tools like pepper spray, sharp key or backpack.
7) Teaching the importance of strength training.

Why take this course?
Though some would argue that taking a self defense class has little value in a civilized society as your risk if being a victim is low.  I argue this using the reasoning of wearing your seat belt   The risk of a serious crash is low, but we do it "just in case".  I believe there isn't a good reason NOT to be trained with some level of self defense.  Whether your male or female there are times where you may find yourself alone or in a situation that requires you to protect yourself.  I recall responding to many assaults where the victims were left in shock.  They never expected it and they most definitely were not prepared to defend themselves. I cannot imagine myself or my child ever being in that situation.  And I'll do what I need to do to make sure it doesn't happen.  My girls are 3 years old and already learning self defense.  

This course is a 3 hour course with the majority of the class being hands on.  Students should come dressed in comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.   Next to our driver's ed program, this course will be one of the best investments you will make for your confidence and safety.


From this point forward, all Self Defense Courses will be through community ed.  Please click the link below to register.   


  • 1 out of 4 woman will be sexually assaulted in her life time.
  • Bullying is not only psychological but  physical.   
  • 85% of sexual assaults go unreported.
  • School violence as well as proprietorial crimes are on the rise.


15Only 15% of sexual assualts are reported

“Never be bullied into silence.  Never allow yourself to be made a victim.  Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself”



To maintain proper skill and technique we include a post class email with links to demonstration videos.  This will allow the student to continue practice at home.  Another great reason to take this course! 

Interview with Eva Torres.


A great interview of a woman who took control of her life through self defense training.  We incorporate a number of the techniques taught by the program she talks about.

Self Defense