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Driver's den

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Welcome to the Den! 

The driver's den provides you with information while in the classroom and after obtaining your permit.  The video to the right gives you a good idea what to expect the day of your road test and should be watched by all students. 

Below you see classroom paper topics and below that you have the links for the driver's manual, practice permit tests and a link to schedule your road test when you a ready.   I've even included a few games to entertain you while testing your reaction time and "video" driving.  

EDI Parking Stations

Because most students say "parking" is their biggest concern for their road test, we found it very important to give them a space to build these skills.  We lease this parking lot so students can practice anytime, day or night.  Please take advantage of this.   See map below.  This space is on the North Frontage Road of Hwy 14 west (heading toward Byron)  off of West Circle Drive.   Address:  4521 Hwy 14 West, Rochester MN 55901.  Right by Service Master of Rochester.  

If you'd like to park at home or somewhere else, parallel parking cones are 25' apart and 7' wide.  

Is your road test closing in?  Click on the link to make sure you have everything you need and are mentally ready!