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My passion for what EDI stands for would have little value if not for our team of instructors.  I have assembled what I like to call "The Dream Team".  Each instructor brings new challenges and perspective to the learning process.  
I have included contact information for instructors, however this should only be used for last minute scheduling changes or issues. Instructors cannot schedule driving hours over the phone, this must be done via the student portal.  For all other questions, please use our contact link above or call 507-993-2708
Adam Newbloom

Founder of EDI

I built EDI from the ground up in 2009, the year my Twin Daughters were born.  After spending 7 years as a Deputy Sheriff and seeing the need for safer drivers on our roads I wanted to create something to help all parents feel more confident when their teen becomes a solo driver.  Driver's education has a poor image because so many programs are not providing the level of education your teen needs.  I care about your teen's safety and the base of education they need to lower their risk as a teen driver.  
I also firmly believe a program should evolve with the new challenges drivers face. With my experience and feedback from my instructors we are always looking for ways to build stronger drivers.  Complex driving tasks like "over-steer and under-steer  become second nature for students when they understand it.  The physics of driving as well as understanding technology and its function is another important component to our program.  

We will always be your best choice because we continuously mold our program around the needs of our students and parents.  Please contact me with any questions or comments.  

Office Administrator

The Glue That Keeps It All Together! 

Janet Hernandez


(507) 993-2708

Rochester Lead Instructor

2010 EDI Alumni comes back to educate a New Generation.  Sam has worked his way up to being an integral part of this team as Lead. 

Sam Cox


(507) 421-9258

Behind-the-Wheel Instructor

Alexi has been with EDI the longest and is committed to Building Safe Drivers.  He is our primary Classroom Instructor and almost all EDI students know Alexi for his fun demeanor and straight forward education. 

Alexi Paizis


(507) 254-7470

Dover/Eyota Driving Instructor

The King of Dover/Eyota Driver's Ed :) 

Damon Hammel


(507) 273-1765

Behind-the-Wheel Instructor

Aaron is a top notch young man who is sharp and is able to explain things in a way that build understanding.  An excellent instructor. 

Aaron Olson


(507) 358-0067

Behind-the-Wheel Instructor

Fun and relatable, Jimmy puts his heart into this position and wants to see our Students thrive!

Jimmy Harris


(507) 398-8054

Behind-the-Wheel Instructor

Knowledgeable and fun, students feel at comfort with Derek from the start to the end. 

Derek Laffoon


(970) 817-3501

PEM Driving Instructor

Kind Heart and Dedicated to Safety

Adam Olig


(920) 979-3100

Behind-the-Wheel Instructor

One of the most sincere people you'll meet.  He truly cares about his students. 

John Pereda


(507) 250-7366

Behind-the-Wheel Instructor

Excellent rapport with students as they find trust and value in what Isabel says.   

Isabel Cardenas


(507) 251-0282

Behind-the-Wheel Instructor

Very Patient, intuitive and willing to go the extra mile for students.   

Steve Simmons


(507) 272-4764

PEM Lead Instructor

Nothing Less Than 100% to students.

Ryan Marx


(507) 696-5577

Behind-the-Wheel Instructor

Experience and patience.  Bob knows what he is doing and always gives 100%

Bob Hunskor


(507) 884-9594

Behind-the-Wheel Instructor

Educator, knowledgeable and fun.

Jacqueline Runge


(507) 322-8660

Behind-the-Wheel Instructor

Brandon has a way to making students feel comfortable.  Knowledgeable and focused he makes the most out of a 2 hour lesson!

Brandon Gerlach



Winona & LaCrescent Lead

Keeping the East Side at its best! 

Travis Mayer


(608) 406-0231

Winona & LaCresent

Behind-the-Wheel Instructor

Knowledgeable and fun.- a great pick for students.

Colleen Daddy


(763) 227-0630

Winona & LaCresent

Classroom & BTW Instructor

Kind Heart and Dedicated to Safety - Teens connect well with Deb.



(608) 769-2102

Winona & LaCrescent

Behind-the-Wheel Instructor

A strong desire to make sure teens are ready for solo driving.  Passion for safety.



(715) 299-1800