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​EDI offers classes 4 times a year in Byron (Fall, Spring and two Summer Classes).  Once you have determined what works best for your schedule, click the Register button to get signed up.  Please see FAQ tab above for the most common scheduling questions.  If you have any further questions please use the Contact link at the top.  Thank you for choosing EDI!


​Class Schedule

Fall & Spring Classes are held at Byron Senior High School, Room 1133.  Summer Classes are Held at Christ is King Church (202 4th St NW, Byron) .  We ask all parents to attend the final half of lesson 10 to bring you up to speed on how our program works as well as your responsibilities as a Parent Driving Instructor.   If you don't see a future schedule, it means we haven't defined the dates yet.  Review Training Package Options once you determine the best classroom dates. 

Complete Package :  $390

Classroom ONly :      $240

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due to covid-19 the classroom location for our byron august class is unavailable. please click on link below for online or rochester class options this summer.  

i apologize for any inconvenience:  

Other EDI Tools to help
skill development
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The Award Winning
EDI's - The Winter Driver
DVD - $35.00
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Magnet Bumper Sticker $15.00
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Road Test Prep
1-hour  - $60.00
Be prepared for the road test, know where your abilities are at and have a positive mindset!
EDI Lease Car for 
Road Test
(includes 45 min practice before test)

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