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3334 19th St NW - Suite 202, Rochester, MN 55901   (507) 993-2708

​Copyright 2008, Enhanced Driving Institute is State Licensed and Bonded

EDI - Adult Training

EDI has been working with New Driver's of all ages for the last 10 years.  Our program is the preferred choice do to the quality of training we provide.  We are not teaching you how to pass the State Road Test, we are educating you to become the most observant, safest and smartest driver you can be.  Our instructors are the best in the industry and want you to become your best.  Must be able to speak and understand English and be ready to learn to be a safe driver.  We are here to help!
EDI cares about your road safety.  95% of our students take our full training which includes the 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours of road training.  These students thrive as new driver's because of this process.  As an adult, you are not required by the state to take the 30 hour of classroom training.  Nonetheless, EDI want's you to succeed so we highly recommend you to take our EDI Focused Driver Course (1-hour video course) prior to starting any training with EDI.   This cost is $40 and can be added to the package of your choosing at time of registration.  This is not required, however will help you get more out of your training with EDI.  
When you pay for driving hours, you have 12 months from the date of purchase to use those driving hours.  ​ Refunds will be pro-rated from the date of purchase, no refund will be given once your 12-month contract has expired.  
Important Note:   If you already have an account with EDI we only need payment for additional training time.  Please do not register again or your log in information will not work.  
Focused Driver Course:   This course is now offered online.  Once payment is received, please email me for a link to the course.  EDI highly recommends this course prior to starting your training with us.  This will make the process of learning much smoother. 
See Frequently Asked Adult Questions Below
Payments should be made at the time of registration or by clicking the payment link below.  You will not have access to the schedule until your lessons are paid for.  
$95 -  2 Hour Driving Lesson
Payment + 3% for card processing = $98.00

One 2-hour driving lesson.

$280 -  6 Hour Driving Package
Payment + 3% for card processing = $288.00

Three 2-hour driving lessons.

$40 -  Focused Driver Course
Payment + 3% for card processing = $42.00

Online Course

EDI Training Options for Adult Students

6 - Hours of Behind-the-Wheel Training : $280 (first time EDI students we recommend you take our 1-hour Focus Driver Course ($40) This can be done online or at our office)

This is package is designed for adults who want some extra time to build more confidence and understanding of the rules of the road.   This is broken down into three 2-hour sessions. We offer pickup and drop-off at home, school or work for a charge of $10 p/lesson.  This is paid at the time of the lesson.  If you can meet the instructor at our office for your lesson there is no charge.  

2 - hour Driving Lesson : $95 (first time EDI students we recommend you take our 1-hour Focus Driver Course ($40) This can be done online or at our office)

This is usually a good place to start if you are not sure how much training you will need.  If you want more driving lessons after the initial one we would just need payment (no need to register).   We offer pickup and drop-off at home, school or work for a charge of $10 p/lesson.  This is paid at the time of the lesson.  If you can meet the instructor at our office for your lesson there is no charge.  

Road Test Prep : $60

This is a one hour driving lesson where students are tested on all key aspects of driving.  This assessment is far more thorough then the State Road Test and should give you an accurate picture of your current driving skills.  

Lease our Training Car for Road Test : $100

This includes a home pickup (within the city limits of Rochester), 40 minutes of training before the test, use of the car for your test and a ride home if needed.  (2-hour maximum time). 

Please email us ahead of time to make sure we have a car available for your road test.  Once that has been confirmed, click the register button to sign up.  We are not able to schedule you for this until payment has been received.  

The Winter Driver  DVD Training - $35

This course is the most in-depth winter drivers training you can get.  All topics are covered: preparation, safety kit, vehicle technology (ABS, Traction Control), loss of control and exercises to help build skill and understanding to correct loss of control.  A two hour online course that is guaranteed to increase your confidence when the road surface becomes hazardous.  

How to get started and scheduling lessons.
Once you register and pay for the desired training we will send you and email asking when you will be in to do the video training.  Janet is in the office M-F from 8am - 12pm.  If those times do not work, we can arrange another time.  Once the training is done, you will be be emailed a username and password to log into your account.  Click on the "Student Login" tab above and enter your log information.  Once logged in you click on the calendar icon at the top to see available time slots.  


 We do not schedule driving hours over the phone or email to avoid any miscommunication in scheduling.   We use an automated system to simplify the scheduling process.    We do provide home/work pickup within the city limits of Rochester, however there is a charge of $5 for pickup and $5 charge for drop-off outside of our facility.  You can select your pickup location when you schedule your driving online.  



1) How soon can I get my training done?

We recommend spacing driving lessons out at least a couple weeks so you have time to practice the techniques we worked on during your lesson.   If you are in need to getting your training completed faster, that is a possibility depending on how flexible your schedule is.  Our schedule is typically booked out 1-2 weeks, so you will need to plan ahead with regard to when you want to get started.  

2) How much training do I need?

Most people under estimate the training time they will need to become a proficient driver (and pass their road test).  If you are not sure, I would start with a 2-hour driving lesson and talk with the instructor about it afterwards. His/Her assessment should help you decide how to move forward. 

3. Can I do 1-hour lessons instead of 2 hour lessons?

Though our system is set up for 2-hour lessons, we do allow 1-hour sessions at a rate of $60 per hour.  All signup will be the same, you will just need to contact us with your availability so we can fit you in.  

4.  Do I need to take the classroom session?

We highly recommend taking the classroom training as well as the road training if you are just getting started with driving.  Driving is not just being able to operate a car, it's being able to understand the rules, signs and the responsibilities that come with driving.   Many adults will skip the classroom training because its not required, however the process of learning takes them far longer then those students who attend both.   

5.  Why a pickup and drop off fee?  

Our lessons are two hours in duration.  When the instructor has to come to you and drop you off it turns into a 2.5 hour lesson.  The additional time and miles on the car are offset with the added pickup/drop-off fee.   This is paid at the time of the lesson.  

6.  What do I need to have to do a driving lessons? 

At the minimum you must have a permit or drive'rs license.  If you are just doing one lesson (a refresher to prepare for MN road test) we will accept a permit or license from out of state/country.  However if you are planning to do more than one lesson you are required to get a MN permit (take a written test).  MN law requires you to have a MN permit for us to provide training. 

6.  How to schedule lessons after registration and payment is done?

You should have received a username and password.  Click on the Student Login button at the top of the screen and follow the steps to log in.